What is the differences between OPT and 808 nm for hair removal?

What is the differences between OPT and diode 808nm for hair removal?

opt vs diode laseropt and diode laser

How to choose?

1. Marketing situation & consumption level.
There is no doubt that 808nm is higher than OPT in price, you can choose your machine according to market price acceptance.
2. Personal preference.
Some client would like to choose multi-functional machine, you can choose OPT, some like professional machine, 808nm is your best choice.
3. Service life & Maintenance costs.
For OPT, 2 handles, each handle has 1 million shoots, When we run out shoot, we just need change xenon lamp, price is not high; For diode laser, need change laser bars which is very expensive compare xenon lamp. But lifetime it is longer.

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