How To Show Improvement To Get Customer Trust

For skin care, what can make customers trust us , is the effect .But most of the time ,we will forget the way we look like or used to look like now .Therefore ,it is very important to establish standard customers skin care system, offer customer regular before and after compare ,let customers see the skin improvement. This is the best way to impress customers .

Customers management system : record customers information and track analysis result . You can know well about customers skin state trending ,offer right treatment course to your customers ,looks more professional .

Before and after compare :

From the histogram and percentage can see the change clearly, the lower histogram and the less percentage, means skin problems improved a lot, increasing confidence to continue to use products and treatment course . If the higher histogram and more percentage ,means result not very good . According to customer skin problems,make details skin care treatment course and confirm that customers are doing exactly as required.For example,spot problems , need more freckles removal treatment ,UV acne do more course of moisturizing, oxygen therapy and deep cleaning treatment.

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