How To Get Rid Of Wrinkles?

Wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet, expression lines… It doesn’t matter what you call them. For many women, wrinkles are the bane of their existence; for many beauticians, they’re the reason they’re still in business. Counting the lines in the mirror may depress you but understanding the reasons behind wrinkles can only help you.
1. Sun Exposure
When you’re sixteen, getting a tan is a top priority. But once you reach maturity, all the excess sun exposure is going to make you look older than you really are. The sun’s UV rays destroy the collagen and elastin that keep skin firm yet flexible. Once the supporting tissue is weakened, the skin starts sagging, and wrinkles appear. This is why many moisturizers and wrinkle creams contain sunscreen.
2. Smoking
Smoking is one of the worst habits to have if you want to stay forever young. There’s a long list of ways that lighting up can cause wrinkles. Nicotine narrows blood vessels, making it harder to get blood, nutrients, and oxygen to the outermost layer of skin. Smoke damages collagen and elastin fibers. The jury is out on whether or not heat from a lit cigarette can damage your skin, but the repeated smoke-sucking face certainly does.

3. Age
Aging is the most obvious cause of wrinkles, and for good reason. As we age, the collagen and elastin that support our skin breaks down. Decreased oil production, thinning skin, and loss of subcutaneous fat just add to the decline. All of these factors combine to cause age-related wrinkling. By itself, aging can lead to plenty of wrinkles; when combined with sun damage or smoking, you can expect to look older than the age on your birth certificate.

4. Gravity
By itself, gravity can’t cause wrinkles; however, skin that is already sagging will be helped along by gravity. Gravity amplifies age-related thinning and sagging to cause drooping eyelids and deeper lines.

What is the best way to slow or prevent this process?

1.Avoid the sun.always wear the appropriate SPF sunscreen and cover your face as well as your hands, legs and neck.

2.Know your skin well, in cosmetic company you can do the skin test, skin analyzer can detect current state of our surface skin of expression lines, skin vein and the wrinkle caused by the aging, we can catch the accurate place and area through the magnifier. Pay attention, wrinkle not only just include those because of aging, it can be expression lines, small dry wrinkles as well as aging wrinkle.

the area marked with green spots are serious of wrinkle problems, so we should suggest customer to use product solve the problem, you can use the magnifier tool to have clear analysis for your customer to see what’s is the real reason cause the wrinkle, then recommend proper products, because of skin is too dry or because of aging, then we suggest some products based on concrete situation.

3.If you’re looking for a treatment to minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles, Go to professional Cosmetcis company,Select the right anti-wrinkle products and items according to the area of the wrinkle like Moisturizing cream, eye cream and so on.

Generally in 30% is fine lines, no need to pay much attention, as adult’s every movement of face, will have fine lines. Over 40%, fine lines quantity increased, when the blue points on detect pictures together into a line, this is authenticity wrinkles, over 70% is in serious state, need to do anti-aging treatment.

Wrinkles are one of the few things that are almost universally feared, so as you can imagine, there are hundreds of wrinkle creams out there that claim to be able to fix or prevent wrinkle problems for good. It’s also no surprise that with so many products out there, many of these creams are not much more than fancy, overpriced moisturizers.

4.Don’t smoke

5.Get enough sleep and try to sleep on your back instead of on your stomach or on your side as these positions may increase the production of wrinkles
6.Don’t wash your face too often