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I Mirror5 –Newest Inteligent skin analyzer come out soon!

This September, we will lanuch our new facial analyzer system, with hardware, display screen, with software, more convenient compare to  Visia system , but not even reach 1/10 price compare to Visia. Advantages: It can reveal skin problems both surface and deep skin:reveals the percentage of wrinkles, enlarged pores, spots, and damaged skin cells by […]

Why Choose LANGDI Magic Mirror Skin Analyzer

Nowadays, there are so many types skin analyzers on the market, how to choose a good skin analyzer ? Today, we offer you some information to help you choose. From above chart, I believe you must have an idea to choose. Magic mirror skin analyzer— LD6021C, is LANGDI hottest product. We produce this machine since […]

How To Show Improvement To Get Customer Trust

For skin care, what can make customers trust us , is the effect .But most of the time ,we will forget the way we look like or used to look like now .Therefore ,it is very important to establish standard customers skin care system, offer customer regular before and after compare ,let customers see the […]

How to explain skin analyzer report

After analysis, Customer would like to know their specific skin problems, how to recommend the appropriate product, would like to know the analysis of each representative of the indicators mean, how to determine the severity of skin problems, how to recommend a suitable course of treatment. if you are a beauty salon,spa, clinic. This article […]


Are you still worried about how to increase the turnover? Are you still worried about your recommendation is not convinced? Are you still worried about your beauty salon’s entering rate not perfect? ASK MAGIC MIRROR SKIN ANAZLYZER Why we call it “Magic Mirror”? Customer’s  Choice,  the Best Evidence. 1. Professional and scientific analysis of database, […]